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Magician Purley CR8

Little Ivy, four years old and in charge of everything welcomed me to her party!

"Stand here Tricky Toby and I will get everyone ready". Yes ma'am! Well, I was suprised to find that all her friends were quietly waiting just behind the door and soon liitle magic rabbits and mice were thrilling the crowd. How could an old banana be transformed with a sock into some delicious sweets? A tasty mystery.

Eventually Ivy and me were able to make a real live rabbit appear and oohs and aahs were the new buzz words. Wibbity wabbity woo! Sorry but the children came up with the magic spell.

Fun times in Purley and credit to mum and dad for the delicious after magic snacks. For a completely great birthday party call Tricky Toby. Obviously!

In CR8 at 2017/02/11