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Kids entertainer in Croydon

It has been a busy weekend. I had a birthday party on Saturday morning in North Croydon near Thornton Heath. The party was planned in the garden. The sky looked a bit cloudy but it was lucky that the weather was warm and we did not have rain. So the party went ahead as planned. For the first 45 minutes I did some magic to entertain the children. The magic picture where I guess the colours that the children will use was a favourite. The children ate some tasty snacks and had a drink, then we moved on to the games. The music number game is popular with children. It is a very inclusive game, where all the children have fun and there is no elimination.

In the afternoon I went to Addington Village for another birthday party. David was 7 and his family had rented a hall. David's mum had brought a pinata, so after the magic led the happy birthday song with my ukulele and organised the games.The children were very excited when all the sweets fell to the ground and I had prepared another little surprise for the winners of the musical islands game. Everyone gets at least one little prize and I also try to give a balloon animal to take home too.

I enjoy working in Croydon and I love all its cultures and people!

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