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Childrens entertainer in Southwark

A nursery in Southwark needed a children's entertainer and I was chosen for the job. It was near Elephant and Castle in a very busy area. I could tell the kids were really fascinated because the bouncy castle was empty and I could hardly move for the audience! 'Give me a second to get my magic stuff out of my box!'

The children especially loved my little puppet dog who lives in a box and a little house with a mouse. Balloons too and of course a few popped so my fingers were aching! All good fun.

One mum said 'You have the patience of a saint!' Well, not quite (but I'm close!). As a dad myself, I know how important it is to create a peaceful environment for everything to run smoothly. But those balloons can be very noisy!.

In SE1 at 2013/09/23