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Magic christening Addington Surrey

Addington Palace golf club was the venue and little D was celebrating her day there with tons of relatives and a super group of little friends all dressed up in their Sunday best ready to tee off (that's golf-speak BTW)! Magic and balloons were what they all wanted and together it was so much fun! O-O-O it's magic you know......... D was very keen to show all her friends how good she was as a magician's assistant. She was brilliant and was nearly as good as me! Guests were left wondering how a cute little white rabbit could appear from nowhere. Golfing experts were peeping round the door to see what all the fuss was about! Not an eagle in sight but the show was a hole in one for sure! Magician Croydon never missed a shot. A magical time for all.

In CR0 at 2013/09/22