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Childrens magician South Croydon

Last Saturday I entertained in South Croydon. It was a one year old party for a wonderful family. They had rented a big hall and lots of friends and relatives came together. I entertained a huge bunch children of mixed ages. With help from the kids the magic went really well and the adults got involved too! Later I organised the children with some games and music.

The younger children wanted balloon animals and photos were taken including some with Micky my magical white rabbit. A great family atmosphere, everyone had a great time. I love being a children's entertainer because I meet so many new people and love to see them have a great time and enjoy themselves.

Fun and laughter are a universal language. Over the years I have seen people celebrating according to their different cultures and traditions. I feel enriched by these experiences. I value all the things that we share as a human race: love, family, friendship and celebrations that mark a milestone in life like birthdays. One year old parties are great celebrations of life which always uplift me.

Just add a little magic with Tricky Toby!

In CR2 at 2013/09/22