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Children's Magician for Wedding Wembley

Huge event. A billion children! More guests. A competition for who could be funniest! Me or the kids. THEY WON! They loved the magic games and balloons too. My tired fingers were hurting after making a billion swords and dogs. Children's magician London (its a big place!).

It was wonderful when the children were playing and having so much fun with their balloons. When the children are over 6 or 7 we have played a game in which the children have to step on balloons and pop them. There is lots of laughter and fun. Later on we played musical games: musical statues is a favourite.

The parents were enjoying themselves while the children were also having a great time. After some games we also had one hour disco and karaoke. I provide disco lights and the music is appropriate for children. They are hits that the children know such as "happy", Shrek's Karaoke Dance and Hakuna Matata.

I think the children would have been tired after such and active afternoon. For a stress free party call Tricky Toby.

In N18 at 2013/08/18