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  1. Magician in Uxbridge - DOUBLE TROUBLE! Twin girls party

    A baking hot garden in a quiet cul-de-sac near Heathrow. Mum had pulled out all the stops to make the girls' day. A bouncy castle, a face painter, music and to top it all off Tricky Toby- the only magician in Uxbridge, London with seven rabbits (only one is real!). So now there's magic in the air!

    Di and Varni in their beautiful dresses and butterflies all over their faces! We did the magic laundry and nearly soaked an uncle in the process. FUN!

    Mr snake came out of his basket too and made everyone wet (well, not too wet). Balloons made everyone happy too. A generous aunty bought ice creams all round to cool off and a fantastic party to be remembered.

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  2. Dog does Magic Mess in Battersea and you wouldn't believe what happens next!

    Beautiful afternoon in Battersea in a nursery. I was invited to entertain a group of children leaving the nursery so it was 'Goodbye' event. All the littlies were very suprised to meet Rubbish the lost dog. A LOST DOG IN BATTERSEA? And with some sensible advice on not dropping litter Rubbish kept making quite a mess! Arrest that dog! NO WONDER his previous owner abandoned him! Hilariously naughty and a new addition to my magic show. We also met a real live white rabbit too and together made some magic sweets. How did we do that? It's magic with lots of laughter!!

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  3. Magician Spreads Joy and Happiness in Tooting Balham

    Evening show at a one year old event. A big crowd were there in Tooting Broadway to celebrate and lots of children. We had a magic show and then games with music and little prizes too. I made sure everyone won something and as usual Gangnam Style was requested and everyone was on their feet joining in, even the older children who thought they were 'too big' for kids magic stuff!

    I had to time things exactly for special photos with the family on stage and for cutting the cake. A beautiful evening and the children were so excited and parents were thanking me. I felt good.

    Childrens magician Tricky Toby in London with happy audience equals a great party!

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  4. Magician Cools down Fulham as Andy Murray wins Wimbledon!!

    Very hot day and I had a magic show in Fulham Palace park. Sarah was 8 years old and had invited her neighbours too as the family was moving to Sussex soon.

    So lots of balloons too which kept me busy as everyone enjoyed the magic and all wanted a picture with the white rabbit. Just as we were finished and I was cooking hot from all my efforts, Murray won at Wimbledon, just a few miles away. He was probably a bit more tired than me but I still collapsed in the car after hauling my stuff back through the park!

    Magic in London with Tricky Toby in the summer- you cant get better than that.

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  5. Magician Turns Hyde Park Pink!

    Sunny Sunday in the park! 30th June.

    But first a show in Wandsworth in a lovely restaurant called Nabrasa near Southfields tube. Magic went down as well as the great food. Children had been bored until I arrived.  But soon with balloons all round we had them involved laughing aloud. Parents stopped eating and came to watch.

    Then a bit of a dash to get to Hyde Park. Beautiful afternoon with kids and adults enjoying the magic show and balloons.  With pink the chosen colour scheme I decided to add even more pink with balloons, a pink jacket and pink sweets! Three cakes were munched up and amazing food was there for all. Hostess Vera was so lovely and little V was three (all dressed in pink!) and loved the white rabbit.

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